Botanica Culture Organic Cedarwood (Atlas) Essential Oil 15ml

Botanica Culture Organic Cedarwood (Atlas) Essential Oil 15ml

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100% Organic Cedarwood (Atlas) Essential Oil
Botanical name: Cidrus Atlantica
Product Origin: Madagascar
Extraction Method: Steam distillation of the wood
Aroma: Woody and sweet. It has similar scent to artificial mothballs.

Cedarwood oil is known for its sweet and woody fragrance. It’s warm and comforting scent relaxes the mind and is great to naturally promote stress relief, improve concentration and focus. It also has skin and scalp cleansing-properties as it can soothe irritations, treats infections, redness and itchiness, as well as to prevent acne breakouts. It also helps in the healing of minor cuts and scrapes. Cedarwood oil is considered the best essential oil suited for arthritis, joint pains, and muscle aches as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

*Here are some uses for Botanica Culture Cedarwood (Atlas) Essential Oil:

• Hair loss and dandruff
• Cough and Bronchitis
• Treatment for Acne
• Soothes aches and stiffness
• Help ease arthritis pains
• for Eczema
• Concentration problems and chronic stress
• Bug repellant
• Improves focus and reduce ADHD
• for cuts and scrapes
• for dry/eczema scalp

*This information is presented for informational purposes and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness.

100% Organic Cedarwood (Atlas) Oil