Biona ORG Pasta Sauce Arrabbiata 350g

Biona ORG Pasta Sauce Arrabbiata 350g

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Our Biona Organic Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce delivers a true taste of Italy. Made from a sumptuous blend of organic tomatoes and red peppers, this fiery sauce captures the spice and mouthwatering aromas that has made arrabbiata a staple in Italian cooking. Simply add to pasta for a delicious, authentic Italian meal.

Ingredients :

Tomato Passata*, Onions*, Carrots*, Bell Pepper*, Agave Syrup*, Tamari* (Soybeans*, Sea Salt), Sea Salt, Rice Starch*, Olive Oil*, Lemon Juice (concentrate)*, Paprika Powder*, Basil*, Oregano*, Thyme*, Garlic*, Onion Powder*, Cayenne Pepper* (0.02%), Anise Seeds*, Rosemary*, Fennel* ÿ* = Certified Organic Ingredients

Allergen Info

ÿFor allergens see ingredients inÿbold