Beanfields Gluten-free Cracklins Chile Limon 3.5oz

Beanfields Gluten-free Cracklins Chile Limon 3.5oz

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Beanfields grain-free Vegan Cracklins are an amazing guilt-free alternative that's made from navy beans, and are packed with pork-rind-like crunchiness in every bite.

With amazing texture and bold flavor, they're low in calories and are packed with healthy protein and fiber in every serving.

Meet the dynamic duo: kicking ancho chile peppers and fresh limes. With the right give and take of spice and zest, these two are hot enough to make you sweat, yet cool enough to make you chile out. So no need to pick a side, because these two authentic Mexican flavors are better together.

Gluten-free and made only with non-GMO ingredients you can pronounce, you'll feel good about indulging with Beanfields!