KING COFFEE Cappuccino Instant 12s x 20g - Hazelnut Flavor (Extremely Velvet Creamy Layer) 6 Box

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Pack Size : 12s x 24 box x 1ctn

KING COFFEE INSTANT CAPPUCCINO - Collection of Cappuccinos flavors to delight the connoisseurs’ senses.

✔️ TOP-QUALITY EXPERIENCE: Crafted by using the coffee extract from high-grade Arabica beans blended with the foaming cream, resulting in the irresistible cappuccino with the extremely velvet creamy layer plus notes of tropical fruits, spreading the cozy and pleasure feeling.

✔️ Product Origin: Vietnam
✔️ Product Packing: Box x 12s x 20gr
✔️ Flavor: Hazelnut
✔️ Product Main Ingredients: Soluble Arabica coffee, foaming creamer, sugar, non-dairy creamer.