KING COFFEE RTD Espresso Coldbrew (Perfect for a Busy Day) 6Cans

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Pack Size : 238ml x 6cans

One of our perfect blends especially made for espresso lovers. By using the choicest Arabica beans of well-known regions both in Vietnam and the world (Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala) under cold brewing process, comes an mild and aromatic espresso plus caramel notes.

KING COFFEE Espresso Cold Brew was manufactured under cold ASEPTIC filling technology lines to retain more of the original taste of both Vietnamese and the world coffee without adding preservatives.

☕ Cold ASEPTIC filling technology.
☕ Vietnamese coffee formula.
☕ Blend of Vietnamese fine Arabica coffee beans & famous regions in the world.
☕ Unique taste of cold brew coffee.
☕ Low sugar
☕ No preservatives.

Main ingredients: Water, concentrated coffee, sugar.
Direction: Shake well before use. Best served chilled or over ice. Drink up after opening.
Packaging: PET Bottle 8.04 FL OZ (238 mL) (24 bottles/carton)
Language: Vietnamese - English
Shelf life: 1 year